Was es in Peschici zu sehen gibt, die besten Dinge, die man in Peschici unternehmen kann.

Peschici is 13 km far from Camping Village San Michele; it is located on a high cliff, overlooking the sea. Peschici is a picturesque town with its thick woods and pinewoods, its narrow streets with its white houses, which often ended with a dome. The entrance of the old town is marked by an arch and a watchtower of the angevin-aragonese period (1300-1400) called Bridge’s Door (Porta del Ponte) because there was a drawbridge that closed the town every evening to protect it from brigands.

The Saint Elia’s Church is located into the narrow streets, built around 1200 and their Protector, Saint Elia, is venerate since the days when ended the plague of locusts that heavily demaged the fields, therefore the economy of the town that it relied only on agriculture and fishing. From the early days of the second week of July, Peschici celebrate its Saint until the impressive procession on July 20th through the decorated streets of Peschici.

Medieval Castle of Peschici 

The Medieval Castle of Peschici is located on a rock of the wonderful town, overlooking the sea. It was built between X and XI sec to defend the town from pirates and Saracen. During the reign of Federico II, the Castle was enriched by a beautiful tower, called Rocca Imperiale. Currently, it is possible to visit the lower part of the Castle where there are Torture Museum with over 60 pieces. It is possible to have more information and guided tours timetable calling this number: 0884/962289.