Was es in Vico del Gargano zu sehen gibt, die besten Dinge, die man in Vico del Gargano unternehmen kann.

Vico del Gargano is a nice and ancient village; its old town is one of the most characteristic of Gargano and worths a visit definitely. It is dived in three districts: Civita, Terra and Casale.

Civita and Terra are included inside the city walls, while Casale is located in a hilly area, below the others.

Its narrow streets are peculiar with its herringbone pattern, arches, and especially for its Alley of the kiss - Vicolo del Bacio, so called because the lovers that when through it, were and still are “forced” to touch each other because the alley is long 30 meters and large just 50 centimeters!

Another peculiarity is linked to the feast of its Patron, Saint Valentino which takes place on February 14th. During that days, Vico is decorated with luxuriant citrus fruits that adorn all balconies, streets and also the statue of the Saint.