Was es im Umbra-Wald und im Gargano-Nationalpark zu sehen gibt - Besuche und Wege

Guide trails of Umbra Forest - Download

In the summer time, when the weather is hot, you can choose to spend nice time at the Foresta Umbra, the green lung of Gargano, extented for 10.000 hectares and about 20 minutes away with car from Camping Village San Michele. 

Who loves nature will be charmed by the rich flora and fauna of this oasis of peace. In some areas, vegetation is so thick that the light of the sun doesn’t come in, hence its name: Umbra that means “shadowy”. 

The Foresta Umbra is composed by wood of cerris, durmast oak and holm oak in the South area, whilst, in the upper area, there are fascinating beech trees with its lush head in the summer time and its warm yellow, orange and red foliage in the autumn time. 

Tourists can also visit the Natural Museum close to Monte Sant’Angelo, a charming refurbishment of the ancient logger house and, in the same place, it is possible to visit some of the components of Decauville railway that was running through the forest to carrying big logs and selling lumber until early 1900. 

There is an availability of parking your car and spending relaxing hours in designated picnic areas and enjoy a satisfying walk around the nice, little lake surrounded by a rich vegetation, where you can also admire the animals habitat in the protect area. In 2017, Foresta Umbra becomes part of UNESCO for its ancient and precious beech trees.